Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is your circulation?

The Grenada Star has a press run of 4,250. It is mailed to subscribers through the U.S. Postal Service and arrive at homes on Wednesdays with the regular mail. Our readership is 14,500.
2) How often do you publish?
The Grenada Star publishes weekly on Wednesdays.
3) What is the circulation area of your publications?
Our target area is all of Grenada County including the City of Grenada, Elliot, Holcomb, Bew Springs, Glenwild, Gore Springs, Hardy, Le Flore and Tie Plant. As of the 2010 census, our coverage area includes 8,224 households and a population of 21,906. The community is progressive and continues to grow.
4) How do I submit news to your publications?
We are the community’s newspaper and welcome submitted news. You can drop information off at our office located at 50 Corporate Row in Grenada; we have a mail slot for after-hour drop-offs. In addition, you can fax us at (662) 226-8310 or e-mail Publisher Adam Prestridge at aprestridge@grenadastar.com. Commonly referred to as “refrigerator news” in the newspaper industry, we encourage wedding, engagement, birth, birthday and anniversary submissions, as well as, Letters to the Editor, school and club news and anything else relating to our hometown folks. We pride ourselves on offering readers a hyper-local newspaper that includes news, sports, lifestyles, photos and much more relating to or affecting Grenada County. We have reporters out-and-about on a daily basis sniffing out stories and information important to our communities.
5) How do I place an ad in your publications?
Call one of our two full-time advertising sales consultants or email Publisher Adam Prestridge at aprestridge@grenadastar.com and he’ll have a sales consultant contact you immediately. Tell us what you want and our talented production staff will design the ad for you in no time. There is never a charge for our expert ad design and composition. For more information, call us at (662) 226-4321.
6) What's the cost of advertising in your publications?
The page sizes of our newspaper is 11 inches wide and 21.5 inches deep. Our rates vary based on advertisement size, contract rates, various frequency discounts and inch contracts. Special section and magazine dimensions vary by product as do advertising costs.
7) How do I subscribe?
Simply call Stephanie at (662) 226-4321 or email her at circulation@grenadastar.com. If you live in our core distribution area of Grenada County, an annual subscription to The Grenada Star is just $49 for 52 issues of community news, sports, lifestyles and much, much more. Outside the county and state, an annual subscription costs $72. All print subscriptions include free access to our eEditions and other online content. Online-only digital subscriptions are also available for $30 per year.
8) Do your publications include classified ads?
Yes we do and our rates are very reasonable - and under certain circumstances are FREE. Call us at our main number (662) 226-4321 to place an ad.
9) What are you business hours?
We are open from 8:30 a.m. until 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.
10) Where are your publications printed?
The pages are designed and composed at our offices in Grenada. They are then sent electronically to our printing plant at our sister newspaper, The Greenwood Commonwealth, in Greenwood. The Greenwood press is a combination of color Web Press Quad Stacks and black and white News Kings. We use state-of-the-art, computer-to-plate technology using a Basys platesetter and FM screening.
12) What are the politics of your publications?
We are neither liberal nor conservative. We believe in the open exchange of as many ideas as possible. There are always two sides to every story. We believe in the marketplace of ideas. We love to get fresh opinions from all sides of the political spectrum - including yours. Email your letters to the editor or guest columns to Editor/Publisher Adam Prestridge at aprestridge@grenadastar.com