Cover the North Mississippi Trade Area

   GrenadaStar is published every Tuesday and Friday and is delivered to more than 5,500 households each publication day – reaching some 13,000 consumers.
   The StarEXTRA is a Total Market Coverage publication distributed free each Wednesday to over 8,100 North Mississippi households and reaches an additional 21,000 consumers.
   Together, the publications effectively cover Grenada (38901 & 38902), Cascilla (38920), Duck Hill (38925), Elliott (38926), Gore Springs (38929), Holcomb (38940), Scobey (38953), Tie Plant (38960) and Tillatoba (38961).


How are newspaper ads sized?
There is a simple formula…
   Newspaper advertising is measured in column inches. To determine the number of inches in a newspaper ad, simply multiply the number of columns wide by the number of inches deep.

For example, a 2 column x 2 inch ad is a 4 inch ad. The total inches multiplied by the rate gives the cost of the ad.

Standard page layout is six columns per page, each column 1.58″ wide, with .183 of “gutter” between columns. Pages are 21.5 inches tall.

Standard Page Layout
23″ Web
1 col. = 1.58″   (9.5 picas)
2 col. = 3.33″  (20 picas)
3 col. = 5.08″   (30.5 picas)
4 col. = 6.83″   (41 picas)
5 col. = 8.58″   (51.5 picas)
6 col. = 10.33″ (62 picas)
Electronic Ad Transmission Specifications
   The following are the standards of acceptance for electronically submitted advertising to GrenadaStar and StarEXTRA. The Creative/Design Department is Macintosh based. Please ensure that all of your submissions are MAC compatible.

• GrenadaStar and StarEXTRA assumes all digital ad submissions are press ready.
• GrenadaStar and StarEXTRA does not proofread ads submitted in digital format.
• All electronically transmitted ads must be received by our office no later than two days prior to publication.
• All e-mail ads should be e-mailed to and a copy to
• All electronic ads must be sent in “pdf” format with all fonts embedded in the pdf file. We cannot be responsible for font omissions/deletions. We cannot be held responsible for our image setting equipment replacing fonts on electronically submitted advertising with fonts omitted or deleted. We cannot accept any other electronic format.
• All electronic ads must be sent in the Actual Size they are scheduled to run in the publication. Our publications use 23″ web format. Any ads received that are the incorrect size will be adjusted and may not fit the space. We cannot be held responsible for incorrectly sized ads.
• Upon receipt of the ad, we will contact the agency should the ad be unreadable. We will give the agency one additional opportunity to resend the ad.
• Any ad space ordered for which we do not receive ad copy (either electronically or through a standard delivery service) by the proper deadline will be billed to the agency.
• The newspaper will not be responsible for any errors or color problems with electronically submitted ads. No credit will be given on ads deemed to be incorrect which were submitted electronically.
• Ensure that all newsprint images/logos have a resolution greater than 300 dpi.
• Black and white ads should not contain any color components.
• Process color (4 color) ads should be sent on four different plates.
• Spot color ads should be sent on two different plates (one black and the other color)

Supported Formats

   GrenadaStar and StarEXTRA are Macintosh based. Please ensure that all of your submissions are MAC compatible.

• High Res PDF
• Adobe InDesign CS3 Version 5.0.4 (Mac only)
• Adobe Illustrator CS3 Version 13.0.2
Saved as EPS with fonts outlined
• Adobe Photoshop CS3 Version 10.0.1
Completed AD saved as flattened EPS or PDF
Resolution 300 dpi
• Placeable EPS
Fonts outlined or as curves

   Formats not listed above (e.g. Word, Excel, Publisher, CorelDraw, etc.) are not supported unless first converted to high-res PDF or EPS.

Newspaper = 85 line screen
Dot Gain = 30%

Advertising Rates
Combination Total Market Coverage Rates
(This includes posting on
1-32 Column Inches – $12.40
32.25 Column Inches – $11.40
129 or more Column Inches – $9.90

• Ads running in GrenadaStar only may deduct $2.
• Ads cancelled less than two working days before publication are subject to a 35% cancellation fee.
• All charges net and due at the end of the month.
• Prepayment is required until account is established.

Additional Charges
Standard Color – $75 per deck
Three or four-color process – $225 per deck
Tear sheets – $2
Guaranteed Position – 25%
Interest Charge of 1.3% added after 30 days

The publisher reserves the right to refuse any advertising for any reason. Under no circumstances is the publisher liable for more than the cost of the ad or insertion. GrenadaStar is not liable for any misprint in an ad created by GrenadaStar after said advertisement is signed and approved by the advertiser.