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     The Daily Star announced Tuesday, Sept. 29, 2009, that it is going from a five day a week publication to twice weekly.

The newspaper has been a daily since 1934. Its parent publication, the Grenada Sentinel began publishing as a weekly in 1854.

“We think we can better serve our readers and our advertisers by concentrating our efforts on two strong, totally local publications each week, rather than spreading our resources over five days,” Publisher Joe Lee said.

Lee said that for the most part, small town local newspapers have not suffered as much circulation decline as larger cities.

“Small town media, however, are facing a severe decline in the sheer number of retail outlets over the past decade,” Lee said. “We have fewer stores to advertise. Consumers have fewer stores in which to shop.”

The new publication will be called the GrenadaStar and will continue operation in conjunction with the company’s free shopper, the StarEXTRA, and GrenadaStar.com.

GrenadaStar will be mailed for same day delivery on each Tuesday and Friday. The first publication date is October 2, 2009.

The Lee family bought the newspaper in 1955, and is now in its third generation of management.

“We are looking forward to many more years of serving the people and the needs of Grenada.”  Lee added. “We believe this change will strengthen our product and make for more interesting reading.

The century and a half old Grenada newspaper invests heavily each year in Grenada’s economy including purchases from Abitibi Bowater (which buys local timber from local tree farmers), investments in the Grenada County Chamber of Commerce, Forward Grenada, the Thunder on Water Safe Boating Festival, Downtown Jubilee, the Mississippi Children’s Home Society, Grenada’s Joe Rowland Home, Junior Auxiliary of Grenada, and many other community projects.