Virus up, new rules ordered

Staff Writer

Grenada County is one of 13 Mississippi counties that will have a new restrictions imposed by Gov. Tate Reeves – including a masking mandate.
The number of Coroanavirus cases continues to climb in Grenada County.
Mississippi State Department of Health  figures released Friday, July 10,  puts Grenada County’s total reported cases since March 11 at 569. Eight deaths have been listed in the county.
Grenada remains one top Mississippi counties where  the virus has spread at an alarming rate since  the week  of June 29.
The Governor’s mandate, which went into effect Monday, covers counties containing almost half the state’s population – as Mississippi’s top medical leaders continue to warn that a gathering surge of COVID-19 is threatening the resources of the healthcare system.
In a press conference last week, Reeves said he will by executive order require the wearing of masks and limit social gatherings in the state’s hardest hit counties.
Along with Grenada, counties targeted for  new restrictions are Hinds, Washington, DeSoto, Harrison, Rankin, Jackson, Sunflower, Wayne,  Madison, Claiborne, Jefferson and Quitman.