Newspaper Purchased

The GrenadaStar is slated to change hands July 1, according to a Letter of Intent agreed upon late last week by the parties concerned.

Publisher Joseph B. Lee III and co-owner Brenda R. Lee have agreed to sell the 166-year-old publication to Wyatt Emmerich of Emmerich Newspapers.

“Emmerich Newspapers operates an excellent group of 27 newspapers, located mostly in Mississippi,” Lee said. “Emmerich operates high-quality publications with the best interests of the community in mind. He will be an asset to Grenada and Grenada County.”

The Lee family has owned the Grenada newspaper since Jan. 1, 1956.

Emmerich is a third generation newspaperman. His family has operated newspapers in Mississippi many decades.

“Emmerich Newspapers is dedicated to providing quality, accurate, unbiased local news in the markets we serve through whatever medium or device our readers prefer,” Emmerich said.

“I greatly appreciate the trust Joe and Brenda Lee have in our efforts to be good stewards in our communities. They have given decades of service to Senatobia and Grenada, and we hope to live up to their example,” he added

“Local news is going through a period of great transformation, and Emmerich Newspapers plans to be on the leading edge. We are developing transformative digital products that will engage the community in profound ways. It’s an exciting time and we look forward to working with the existing staff and community leaders. We exist to build up communities, not tear them down.”

“Mississippi is blessed with great faithful people and we have a wonderful future ahead,” Emmerich said.

Emmerich also purchased The Tate Record in Senatobia from the Lee family.