COVID will permanently change U.S.

     An old man I know just called me complaining about his wife keeping him in the house.
     “She is so afraid I’ll get the misery,” he said. “At my age that might not work out too well.”
     He said she used to tell him he was too ornery to get a dread disease. I have known him for a long time – he is no less ornery today.
     Come to think of it, the Boss of the House seems to be sending me out on fewer errands lately.

ONE MORE TIME — Comment & Observation  — By Joe Lee III

     Another old geezer I have known for a long time is depressed because the business he has run for decades is in grave danger not making it through COVID-19.
     I told him to cheer-up! Nancy Pelosi said she had “worked her ju-jitsu” on Congress’ two trillion dollars rescue package.
     While people are losing their jobs and even dying she and her cohorts managed to get $25 million for the Kennedy Center, obtain funding for Planned Parenthood, spend $75 million for the Foundation for the Arts, and adding some other pork barrel stuff with no relationship to the current crisis to the rescue package.
     “Thank goodness the Speaker of the House has her priorities right,” I told my friend.
     I can’t print what he said to me.
Two kinds of idiots
     Unfortunately, not all the idiots are in one political party. How about the Dum Dum Republican Congressman from Kentucky and his attempts to throw a monkey wrench in the voting schedule on the relief bill? The law is far from perfect, but it appears to be better than nothing.
Misses his office
     A young business executive I know who works in one of America’s larger cities emailed that he that he had “always envied the people who could could from home.”
     “It was nice for a couple of days,” he told me, “but there is something to be said for the normalcy of going to the office.”
Teacher appreciation
     Who do we pity the most? The parents dealing with extended school closing? The kids who think they are glad school is out, but are bored to death with no school schedule?
     I suspect parents will have more appreciation for teachers when this is over – at least for a week or two.
     Some kids in dark clothing have been skate-boarding on public streets at dusk. That is not a very good idea. I hope no one gets run-over.
Agrees with Trump
     A week or more ago, President Trump was talking about trying to open up the country – or parts of it – as soon as possible. He is afraid a prolonged shutdown of business and enterprise could permanently damage a country based on business and free enterprise.
     Of course he is correct, but it did not take long for Democrats and professional Never Trumpers to jump all over him.
     Ironically New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Thursday that his stay-at-home order for the entirety of New York State was “probably not the best public health strategy.”
     In a press conference in Albany, Cuomo said the smartest way forward would be a public health strategy that complemented a “get-back-to-work strategy,” Fox News reported.

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