City Council approves COVID-19 guidelines; no curfew

Staff Writer

The  Grenada City Council announced guidelines they are taking due to the outbreak of COVID -19.
This comes on the heels of an  emergency meeting late Monday afternoon conducted via conference call with City Manager Trina George.
The council voted unanimously to closely-follow guidance from officials at the Mississippi State Department of Health and the Center for Disease Control.
Ward Two City Councilman Pete Wilson and Ward Three Councilman Lewis Johnson said they were not in favor of a curfew, stating that many people are required to be out overnight during those times.
“We have people in Grenada that work that second and third shifts, and I don’t like having a curfew on those people,” Wilson said.
Grenada Mayor Billy Collins said he urges the community to follow state and federal guidelines in social distancing.
“What we are trying to do here is what’s best for the city,” Collins said.
When it comes to local industry, Ward Six Councilman Larry Vance said he spoke with various leaders,and they are taking the necessary steps in assuring that employees are safe.
“They are doing those extra things for their employees like checking them as they arrive and asking shifts to arrive early,” Vance said. “They’re playing their parts.”

The guidelines being used by the city include:
Social distancing will be enforced starting Tuesday at noon.
Restaurants will remain open and may provide take-out, delivery and drive-thru pick up.  No more than 10 customers will be allowed inside the business at any one time.
Churches and other assemblages and gatherings are only permitted with 10 or fewer people.
All businesses employing 10 or more persons in one  location must follow CDC and MSDH guidance and implement safeguards to prevent the spread.
Essential service businesses and agencies including hospitals, nursing homes, health clinics, drug stores, pharmacies, banks, grocery stores, convenience stores, gas stations, military installations, security and emergency response operations, must follow CDC and MSDH guidance and must implement safeguards to prevent the spread to the extent that is practical.
The city recommends funeral services be limited to 10 or less people. The city recommends holding funerals on the property of the funeral home. This recommendation follows the CDC and MSDH guidelines.
Liquor stores will allow no more than 10 customers inside a store at one time.
Wilson made the motion to accept the guidelines, and Johnson seconded the motion.The vote was 6-0. Ward 5 Councilman Eric Harris was absent.