Disagree? Send Letter to Editor

     A Tate County subscriber e-mailed us recently: “Why does the newspaper print one side of the political landscape such as Joe Lee’s posts.  It seems that you would have another person’s view that’s different from his, because many don’t agree with what he says. It seems as though the newspaper is biased.  Many people buy the paper and, like me would rather have a different view from his.”

ONE MORE TIME — Comment & Observation — By Joe Lee III

     First, I would like to thank him for reading the column, and I want to stress it is certainly not necessary to agree with the author.

     The column is, indeed, a “biased” opinion commentary and is separated from the straight news in the rest of the paper by its placement on the Opinion Page.

     The newspaper welcomes <i>Letters To The Editor </i>representing various views and politics; please e-mail your letter to Publisher@GrenadaStar.com.

     We hope this reader sends in his opinion.

Press not free

     His comments brought to mind a phone call I received from a lady a few decades ago. She had sent in a <i>Letter to The Editor</i> that we could not print. If we had published it, she would have likely been sued.

     She was mad as an old wet hen and proceeded to give me a lecture on freedom of the press.

     She told me I had to print the letter because the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution guaranteed a free press.

     All I could think of to tell her was that, “Anyone who believes in a free press never made the payments on one.”

     She hung up, but I saw her at the grocery store a month or two later. She thanked me for not publishing the letter. (She and the subject of her letter had mended their fences.)

Back to opinion

     The commentaries following President Trump’s speech last week would have been comical, if the subject matter was not so deadly serious.

  • MSNBC, as usual, thought he was way off base.
  • Fox News, as usual, thought the Oval Office address was fine.
  • CNN barely knew it was Wednesday.

Collector’s item

     Recently Presidential candidate Joe Biden mentioned an “AR-14” in a confrontation with an angry potential voter. If you hear of an AR-14 going up on E-Bay, let me know. It ought to be a real collector’s item.

     In the interest of being unbiased, Trump has made some faux pas, too. MSNBC’s <i>Morning Joe</i> show, that bastion of reliable knowledge and impartial information, has a whole list of them posted with the Google Machine.

Please stay healthy.