Build a wall; make California pay

Comment & Observation
By Joe Lee III

     The “Uproar of the Week” last week was President Trump’s Tweets in connection with the justice department’s sentencing recommendations.
     The Democrats accused of Trump of working too closely with the Attorney General.
     It appears the Democrats would rather have the procedure adopted by President Kennedy and his attorney general. They practiced complete isolation and never communicated with each other, as the Democrats are demanding now.
     (For the benefit of those readers who are historically-impaired, the preceding paragraph was complete fake news. John Kennedy’s attorney general was his own brother, Bobby. They discussed everything from Ross Barnett and James Meredith to Nikita Khrushchev and the Cuban missile crisis. Some say they even discussed Marilyn Monroe.)
     The point is — if a Democrat is doing it — whatever it is — it is fine with Democrats.
     If a Republican is doing it — whatever it is – it is fine with Republicans.
     The main exception to that rule is Bernie Sanders, who is currently successfully running as a Democrat. The establishment Democrats are about to blow a gasket. They effectively derailed Bernie before the last presidential election, but seem to be having problems ditching him now. One of their concerns is that if they do manage to sabotage his campaign, his supporters might stay home on Election Day. They need those voters.

     Concerning the AG’s sentencing recommendation, I thought sentencing was up to the judge in the case.
No flu season
     Another example of the “everything is Trump’s fault” rule is President’s suggestion that the new virus emergency should subside when the weather gets warmer.
     The press laughed at him for such a suggestion about a possible “Coronavirus season” similar to the flu virus season, ridiculing him for “trying to be a medical expert.”
     If President Hillary Clinton had said the same thing, she would have been praised for offering Americans hope and encouragement and comforting the country in its time of need.
     By the way, later that same day MSNBC actually had a medical expert say there was some validity to the theory that warmer weather could curtail the spread of disease. If it is on MSNBC, you know it is correct!
California needs quarantine
     Seven-hundred-thousand Californians abandoned California last year. Over 36,000 of them moved to Texas.
     Forget Coronavirus, the influx of Californians could be more dangerous to Texas. Texas should set up its own quarantine apparatus to protect itself.
     Maybe Texas should build a border wall and make California pay for it.