It was a deluge

Staff Writer

The entire county took a pounding this week as a result of the downpour of rain causing problems for homeowners, landowners and motorists.
After an estimated six inches of rain fell on this area Monday,  it was followed by three and a half inches of rain on Tuesday and Wednesday causing Grenada Lake, area rivers, creeks and streams to rise rapidly.
Trebia Rodgers, Grenada County Emergency Management Agency Director said the rain caused flooding to homes in several areas of the county and major flooding of the Yalobusha River, and Batupan Bogue Creek was on the rise.
The rain and flooding was fairly similar to the episode last year flooding caused several million dollars worth of damage city and county wide.
“This was one of those major episodes,” Rodgers said. “By Wednesday morning, 8.9 inches of rain that fell on this area.”
Rodgers said first responders were on hand throughout Monday and Tuesday to assure that motorist were safe with flashflooding rampant throughout the area.
“All of that water forced several roads to be closed,” Rodgers said. “The majority of those roads were in southeast, south and western parts of the county.”
The overflowing river and creeks caused many of the county’s roads and even some city streets to close.