Rain now serious threat

Staff Writer

The rains are here, and creeks are rising throughout the area, causing concern for some Grenada officials.
“We’re seeing a large amount of rain, and it doesn’t look like it’s stopping any time soon,” said Trebia Rodgers, Grenada County Emergency Management Agency Director.
According to the National Weather Service, this area will likely see five to eight inches of rain through Thursday and is also under a significant threat of storms.
“There’s definitely going to be flash flooding,” Rodgers said. “When it rains like this, flash flooding, the Yalobusha River and Bogue Creek are my major concerns.”
Rodgers said when it comes to flash flooding, she urges the public to take extreme caution.
“In the past, there has had to be a lot of rescues of people trying to drive through some flooded areas,” Rodgers said. “This kind of rain, I only hope that the rain drainage doesn’t get stalled.”