Candidates come up short in special election hearing

Staff Writer

City Election Commissioners met last week with the three men they disqualified from entering the 2020 municipal election.
A hearing was held Friday in the upstairs conference room at City Hall where election commissioners Maurice Stinson, Bettye Chamberlain and Edner Baker met with Ward Two hopefuls Stephan Whaley and Col. Tim Freelon to get their take on the disqualifying matter.
They also met with Floyd Miller, who had been disqualified from running in the Ward Seven City Council race.
City Attorney Mary Brown officiated the hearing, informing Whaley, Freelon and Miller on why they were disqualified from running in the elections.
None of the hopefuls met the requirements to run in the May 4 city election, according to a letter issued by the Election Commission on Jan. 22.