Commissioners meet with disqualified candidates

By REGGIE ROSS                                                                                                                                 Staff Writer


In a Friday hearing at City Hall, City Election Commissioners heard from the three men they recently disqualified from running in the May 4 city election.

City Election Commissioners Maurice Stinson, Bettye Chamberlain and Edner Baker met with Ward Two hopefuls Stephan Whaley and Col. Tim Freelon to get their take on the disqualifying matter.

They also met with Floyd Miller, who had been disqualified from running in the Ward Seven City Council race.

None of the hopefuls met the requirements to run in the May 4 city election, according to a letter issued by the Election Commission on Jan. 22.

Commissioners said both Freelon and Whaley did not meet the requirement provided in Senate Bill 2030, which imposed a two-year residency requirement to run for municipal office in any election held after Jan. 1, 2020.

Their disqualifications leave incumbent Fredrieck “Pete” Wilson unopposed for the upcoming election.

Commissioners said Miller had a problem with voter signatures from citizens living in Ward Seven.

Watch for additional details in Tuesday’s print and online editions.

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