City expenditures still unknown

Comment & Observation
By Joe Lee III
     Last Tuesday (January 21) the GrenadaStar published details on Grenada County monthly expenditures.
     At the same time, we mailed a certified letter to Mayor Billy Collins requesting him to arrange for the City of Grenada to send the same public information to the newspaper so the city can show taxpayers where their taxes go each month.
     We also hand-delivered a copy of the request to City Hall. As of presstime, we had not received a response.
Abbott and Costello
     Every cloud has a silver lining, and last week’s made-for-TV impeachment charade was no exception.
     While the House Circus performed, all the Senators were required to sit silently for hours and could drink only water or milk. (Reckon there was a prohibition-type silver flask or two floating around the room? Maybe a little single malt scotch in a restroom locker?)
     Poor Chuck (Never Had A Real Job In His Life) Schumer had to keep his mouth shut for a little while. What a treat for us peasants. He had not spent that much time away from a camera and microphone in years.
     How about the Abbott (Adam Shift) and (Jerry Nadler) Costello show? The fifty captive senators surely enjoyed eight-hour stretches listening to them. Reporters in the gallery observed the senators passing notes like elementary school children. Chief Justice Roberts probably needs to do some paddling.
     A news conference with Shift, Nadler and Nancy Pelosi would strongly resemble a routine by Curley, Moe and Larry. Have you noticed how Pelosi is staying away from the spectacle lately?
     Sen. Lindsey Graham hit the nail on the head when he tweeted, “Quite frankly, having Adam Schiff lecture the Senate about fairness and due process is like listening to an arsonist talk about fire prevention.”
     Don’t know about you, but I am sure thankful for the Sundance channel and INSP (the Inspiration Network). Their programming offered a refuge from last week’s travesty.
     The Weather Channel was allowing a brief respite now and then, until last week. I flipped over to it and there was a presidential candidate spouting off!
     We thought television programming was bad; last week taught us just how boring it can get.
Facts are simple
     The real facts of the ordeal are simple.
     The President should not have said what he said on the famous phone call.
     The call, however; did not break any law, and if you believe politicians don’t do things like that all the time, I have this bridge across the Coldwater Bogue Creek I would like to sell you.
     Concerning “Obstruction of Congress:” most reasonable folks I know think it is a blessing whenever Congress is obstructed.
Maybe this week’s Washington spectacle will be more palatable.
Parchman woes
     Gov. Tate Reeves visited two state prisons last week and announced he had implemented several new measures to “stop the bleeding” and protect inmates and guards at the facilities.
     Hopefully, he is successful. The Mississippi prison system has been a detriment to the state for decades.