UPDATE: Commissioners get more time for Ward 2


Staff Writer


Late Thursday afternoon, city election commissioners still had  not determined what candidates will appear on the ballot for Ward Two in the May 4 municipal election.

According to Election Commissioner Bettye Chamberlain, commissioners were informed by the Secretary of State’s Office that they have more time to allow Col. Tim Freelon and Stephan Whaley to submit necessary documentation as part of the candidate qualifying process. This is in addition to time already allotted.

“We were told that we have more time to allow them to get the information back to us,” Chamberlain said. “We just want to make sure we get this right.”

Election commissioners are awaiting proof of residency for Freelon and Whaley before finalizing who will appear on the 2020 municipal elections in the Ward Two ballot.

Commissioners met with both Freelon and Whaley Thursday afternoon.

Incumbent Pete Wilson has already been certified.