DA Evans out of Flowers’ prosecution

Staff Report

Fifth District Attorney Doug Evans, after six trials prosecuting the State of Mississippi vs. Curtis Flowers, is turning the case over to the Mississippi Attorney General.

Evans filed a voluntary recusal in Montgomery County Circuit Court late Monday afternoon.

Evans said the Attorney General’s Office is very familiar with the case, and he hopes they will aggressively pursue it.

In Flowers’ trials for the murders of four people at Tardy Furniture in Winona in 1996, four ended in convictions that were later overturned by higher courts, and two ended in mistrials.

Flowers is awaiting a possible seventh trial. He has been released on $250,000 bond.

The attorney general’s office will have a new administration next week when Lynn Fitch takes over as the state’s top prosecutor.

For additional follow-up see Friday’s printed edition of the GrenadaStar.