Time is running out

Please see updated version of this Editorial. The Qualifying deadline has been moved to Jan. 3.


     City Hall announced Dec. 23, that anyone wanting to run for City Council or Mayor has until Friday, Jan. 10, to obtain the proper paperwork, get 50 signatures, and to get the information to City Hall.
     That is a window of less than two dozen days. Two dozen days including two weekends and two major holidays. City officials blamed the rush on a new election law of which they were not aware.
     This slip-up is just another example of why we need more competent leadership at City Hall.
     Few Grenadians are willing to defend the progress — or more accurately — lack of progress the current Mayor and City Council have provided our city.
     It is not that they have not had time to make city government better.
     Excluding one councilman who was recently elected in a special election to fill a vacancy, the remaining six politicians have served a total of more than 128 years on the council or as mayor. One hundred and twenty eight years — that’s an average of more than 21 years each. Two decades.
     We challenge each Grenada voter and taxpayer to examine our community and determine whether you think Grenada has grown and prospered as it could have — as it should have during the last two decades.
     For instance, how does our progress compare with Batesville? Senatobia?
     What has the city leadership done to bring in new industry? New business?
     How many of us have asked our councilman why he hasn’t sponsored this good idea or that?
     What was his answer? Something like: “I wish I could, but I am just one out of seven and the others won’t listen to me.”
     It is time to elect councilmen and councilwomen who have the guts and the expertise to take the reins and work hard to make Grenada the city it could be.
     Get your paperwork from the Mississippi Secretary of State’s website (or at City Hall, if they are open).
     Get the required signatures and get your name on the ballot, or encourage someone good to run.
     Make Grenada the city it should be.

     Time is running out.