New circus act in Washington

Comment & Observation
By Joe Lee III
     When Ringling Brothers – Barnum and Bailey’s circus closed its doors in May of 2017, many feared America would be without a circus act for the first time in nearly 150 years.
     That was before the Adam Schiff Congressional Circus Act showed up.
     I hope this impeachment stuff ends soon.
     Oddly enough, it leaves news hounds like me with nowhere to go. MSNBC is so, so biased and hateful against the president. CNN is almost as bad. FOX is partial to the president. The closest thing to an unbiased news cast is the ABC Nightly news. It lasts a half hour each weekday evening.
     On the good side, the television boredom helped me I read Lee Child’s latest Jack Reacher book last weekend: “Blue Moon.” It is a pretty good book. It has Russians (sort of), Ukrainians, Albanians, and who knows who else in big time gang warfare. It even has some “fake news.” Of course, Reacher doles out lots of rapid fire justice.
     Reacher’s best adventure remains “The Affair.” Perhaps I am partial because it takes place in Corinth, yes Corinth, Miss. I may be partial because it is the first of Child’s 24 Jack Reacher books I read.
     At any rate, I am ready for Number 25.
     While trying to escape the Congressional Circus, I ran across a new author (new to me): Jonathon Kellerman.
     I found one of his books, “Heartbreak Hotel,” on sale. I am not finished with it, but is hard to put down.
     After a little research, I discovered Kellerman has written over 30 books his Alex Delaware series. Delaware is a ‎forensic psychologist for the LAPD.      Sometimes the even city pays him.
Jackson Wi-Fi
     The Capital City is now offering free Wi-Fi service to four block radius encircling the intersection of Capitol and Congress Streets.
     The area is set to be substantially increased soon, according to The Clarion Ledger. The public Wi-Fi is free and there are no advertisements, according to the Jackson newspaper.
Happy turkey day
     The Boss of the House is all excited. She is having family from Florida visit. Her first-born is flying in from Chicago. Daughter Muffet and Super Duper Grandson Beau will be there, and, of course, the BOH’s cats.
     Perhaps there will be some table scraps for me, but like most men, I’ll be keeping a low profile, hoping no one will see me. (Multiple duties seem to materialize out of thin air.)
     A happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!