Dinner organizers make final for final push for donations, volunteers

Staff Writer

Organizers of the city-wide Thanksgiving Drive are hoping for a last push from donators in an effort to feed over 1,000 people throughout the area.
Pastor Kevin Jackson of Grace Baptist Church  and volunteer Melvin Purnell counted items Saturday morning for a quick inventory on what they will prepare to issue out the day after tomorrow.
“It’s coming in pretty good, but we need one more strong boost of donations,” Jackson said. “We’re so blessed to have what’s been donated so far.”
In it’s fifth year, New Life Church is serving as the headquarters, for the City-Wide Thanksgiving Drive.
A committee lead by ministers Ernest Hargrove and Jackson, along with county supervisor Darrell Robinson, has been leading the charge asking the community for their help in getting the meals out before the lunch hour on Thanksgiving Day.
“We’re so thankful for all of the churches and individuals for their donations,”  Hargrove said. “We have a few hours remaining, and we’re still taking donations.”
What’s included in the meal are the typical Thanksgiving meats and trimming, and what Hargrove said is needed now are aluminum pans of cooked dressing.