Graysport bridge still in plans

Staff Writer

District Three County Supervisor Columbus Hankins said the $7 million allotted to build a new bridge at Graysport Crossing has to be spent.
Earlier this year, Grenada County  received $7,316,040 that will go toward repairs of Graysport Crossing Road, a bridge replacement project that Hankins said needs to get started.
“We’re talking with engineers right now, but we have to go ahead and start on this,” Hankins said. “That $7 million has to be spent in a timely manner.”
Hankins said the money will go to replace the entire bridge, and one of the things that’s essential to do at this point is speaking with emergency officials, school officials, residents and other counties.
“Fire, law enforcement, ambulance, schools and Calhoun County, we have to touch base with all of these people so  things run smoothly,” Hankins said. “A lot of people use that bridge, so there will be a type of inconvenience there.”