Inmates are running the asylum

Comment & Observation
By Joe Lee III

     When the campus went into an uproar upon the naming of the new chancellor recently, the general public found out what many Ole Miss devotees and former Ole Miss devotees such as I have known for quite a while.
     The inmates are running the asylum.
     When officials from the state tried to introduce the new chancellor, many professors and students went berserk.
     No one is forcing these geniuses to teach at Ole Miss, and no one is forcing these snowflakes to learn at Ole Miss. They would obviously be happier at another school. I want them to be happy. Bless their hearts.
     The Ole Miss student newspaper editorialized that “Choosing Tony the Landshark as the mascot was a more legitimate process … at least the students had a say in choosing him.”
     Let’s discuss the team name and mascot.
     Please Google the term ‘landshark.” You will find a definition in the Urban Dictionary that will appall you. It cannot be printed in this column.
     How such a superior intelligentsia as the students and professors at the University of Mississippi could allow such a name is beyond me.