Gubernatorial race is very close

Comment & Observation
By Joe Lee III

Republican Lieutenant Governor Tate Reeves has a slight lead over Democrat Attorney General Jim Hood, according to Mason-Dixon Polling & Strategy.
     Recent polling by Mason-Dixon shows Reeves with 46% and Hood with 43%.
     The problem for Reeves is two-fold. The results are within the margin of error and nine percent of the states voters were registering “undecided” at the time of the survey.
     The poll shows that Reeves leads among men, voter over 50 and Republicans. Hood has the edge with women, voters under 50, Democrats and Independents.
     Hood has a substantial leads in the Delta (68% to 26%) and in Jackson (47% to 41%). Reeves is ahead in North Mississippi (56% to 34%) and on the coast (52% to 35%).
     Hood is preferred by a big majority of black Mississippians (80%), while Reeves claims 66% of white voters.
Mississippians favor Trump
     Concerning Pres. Trump, the Mason-Dixon poll shows 56% of Mississippians oppose impeachment and removal from office, while 34% are in favor.
     The state is rather unified in that opinion, with only the Delta region favoring removal by 61%.
Racially, the break down is 73% of whites oppose impeachment and 21% of blacks oppose impeachment.
Three Emperors?
     Democrats are accusing Donald Trump of wanting to be emperor.
The problem is, history dictates there can only be one emperor at a time. Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi seem to have already called dibs on the position.
California mistakes
     Due to the possibility of old equipment starting additional fires, Pacific Gas and Electric Company in California last week faced cutting power of up to two million customers in three dozen counties.
     Extremely poor decisions by the California state legislature and the governor, along with less than adequate forestry management are also responsible for the dire predicament Californians find themselves in right now.
     Hopefully, they can get their fire problems under control and take steps to minimize future dangers, loss of property and most importantly — avoid injuries and loss of lives.
Back to Mississippi
     Vote for Tate Reeves Tuesday.