‘Non-credible’ threat at high school


Staff Writer

All is back to normal after a student at Grenada High School was apprehended Wednesday morning following threats to carry out violence that proved to be non-credible, Superintendent Dr.  David Daigneault said.

“Everything is fine,” said Daigneault in a voice activated message to school district employees.

According to Benji Britt, Grenada School District’s security coordinator, a student was taken into custody following threats made after a Tuesday afternoon fight.

“That’s what it all stemmed from, a fight,” Britt said.

According to Britt, the school district received an overwhelming amount of calls about the student making threats. Britt also said the threats were not credible.

“The student has been dealt with accordingly,” Britt said.

Britt also said there were no weapons at the school.