Man jailed in connection with assault


Staff Writer

A weekend assault has landed a Grenada man in facing several felony charges.

County Investigator Greg Conley said the incident occurred on Halls Road in Grenada County, and a woman was held against her will for several hours after attending a local nightclub.

A man Conley identified as Thomas Jefferson Cain, 29, of Grenada was arrested in connection with the incident and faces charges of rape, strong armed robbery, conspiracy to commit a crime and kidnapping.

According to the sheriff’s department, Cain’s bond is set at $530,000.

“The incident occurred early Saturday morning, and we’re still investigating what happened there,” Conley said. “The woman had attended a nightclub and was snatched from her vehicle.”

Conley said the woman, who is in her early 20s, is a native of Winona.

“After she was snatched from her vehicle, she was basically kept all night and assaulted,” Conley said. “We are also looking at making other arrests soon, because we believe there was another person that assaulted her.”

Conley said the victim also suffered facial lacerations but is expected to recover.

“We’re looking into more leads, and we’re expecting to question more witnesses,” Conley said.


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