Councilmen discuss bond plans


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Grenada City Council  members have offered  some details regarding the distribution of  proceeds from a $6 million general obligation bond.

After the bond was sold to an investment banking firm from Memphis, many of the projects have been given to City Engineer Robert Willis who is now awaiting the bid process to finalize.

“I’ve sent mine in, and I understand that there should be a few bids taken at our next meeting,” said Ward Seven Councilman Ronnie Merriman.

Earlier this year, the city council passed a resolution calling for the bond to tackle some of the infrastructure needs of the town.

Officials said the bond is expected to go to the improvement of streets, drainage, water and sewer.

In August, the Jones Walker firm of Jackson sold the bond to Duncan William, at an interest rate of 2.6 percent.

“This is something that we had to do,” Ward Three Councilman Lewis Johnson said. “Our old general obligation bond is retiring and this one will not cost the taxpayers more on the millage. Now it’s just a matter of contracting the work out to begin the process.”

The city council had wanted to start on the work this summer and said they have been fortunate with the dry weather.

Ward One

Ward One Councilman Warren Cox said he has submitted projects to City Engineer Robert Willis and has also given engineer staff a first hand look at what he plans to do with his share of the bond money.

Cox said the majority of his project consist of fixing roads that will eventually help with drainage.

“My projects consist of road work on Halls Road, Jefferson Trail, streets just off of Sweethome Road and areas in Thimmes Subdivision.  We’ve gotten out and looked at these streets and we’re planning to get a good deal of work done.”

Ward Two

Ward Two Councilman Pete Wilson said his share of the bond money will be used to overlay some of the roughest streets in his district.  In Ward Two, Wilson said Springhill Road is one of the heaviest when it comes to traffic and now needs some work.

“Springhill has some rough spots and needs the attention,” Wilson said. “There’s some drainage issues I’m facing as well where Springhill meets Melton Street.  There’s an area in the Avenue of Pines at Dogwood Drive that needs to be taken care of as well.” 

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