Results of Grenada County Races

13 of 13 Precincts Reporting

Absentee Ballots Included


Absentee Ballots and Affidavits not included


 Grenada County Circuit Clerk:

Victoria Gillon Blaylock: 602

Tange James: 886


Chancery Clerk:

Johnny L. Hayward: 3799

Trebia Rodgers: 1112

County Coroner:

Sharonda Mister: 1463

Eddie ‘Skeeter’ Robinson: 1202

Douglas ‘Little Bobby’ Yates: 2295

Grenada County Prosecuting Attorney:

Adam Kirk: 2448

Robbie Wilson: 2514

Grenada County Sheriff:

Rolando ‘Ro’ Fair: 1715

Alton Strider: 2202

Ben E. Williams: 1173

Tax Assessor / Collector

David Melton: 3131

Charlie Whitfield Jr.: 1952

Supervisor District One:

Michael Lott: 795

Anthony Small: 391

Supervisor District Three:

Christopher Columbus Hankins: 861

Michael D. Moore: 230

Justice Court Judge Position One:

Ophelia Topps: 1220

Leon Williamson: 1252

Constable District Two:

Scott Caulder: 684

Marc Hayward: 630

Stephan W. ‘Steve’ Howell: 774

Garrett Pollan: 466