Phone company owes subscribers for Robo calls

Comment and Observation
By Joe Lee III


     The Boss of the House and I made a trip recently. Both cell phones were in the same car for several hours, and over the course of the day we received at least a dozen useless “robo” calls ranging for extending the warranty on our car, to “better” credit cards, to burial insurance.
     There is no reason for any of these. With today’s technology each cell phone company is aware of the origin of such a high volume of repetitive calls in the blink of an eye.
     Of course, all call numbers are recorded on every account. At the end of the month the cell phone carrier should deduct $5 for each robo call received.
     Another alternative would be for the government to revoke the carrier’s access to the public broadcast frequencies until the problem goes away.
     Naturally, if I get that $13 million lottery prize the guy with a funny voice promised me last week, all is forgiven
Political signs lose
     A few weeks ago Mayor Billy Collins asked if we would do a poll to see how Grenadians felt about the hundreds of political signs showing up on public grass, light poles, and other public places.
     We posted the question on asking the question: “Do you want to ban political signs from public property and public rights of way?”
     The response was an “yes” by overwhelming percentage, 74.24%, wanted to get rid of them.
     We also got a couple of interesting suggestions:
     Each city or county should charge $10 for each small sign placed on public property and $25 for each large one – what a great fundraiser!
     Another reader suggested the city and county should charge $5 per day for each sign left after election day.
Dems fight Dems
     Did you watch the Democrat presidential debates last week? Neither did I, but it was easy to determine the next morning that they did not go too well.
     Democrat snake oil salesman and Trump hater Morning Joe Scarborough was crying in his coffee. He complained that the debating farceurs spent most of their time criticizing Obama Care so they could condemn Joe Biden’s part in it.
     Scarborough said they sounded like a bunch of Republicans! He said they spent more time attacking former President Obama than the current President Trump!
Grumpy School Marm
     I did see some clips from Elizabeth Warren. She always seems like she is mad at me and is yelling.
     She reminds me of a composite of every thing I ever disliked about my all schoolteachers rolled into one.
     She is constantly scolding the class and telling us poor backwards lurdans what we are doing wrong. I’ll bet she has a ruler hidden behind the podium.
     The backs of my legs still sting from frequent contact with such a ruler beginning the first day of the first grade.
Congressional junket
     I saw Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi on TV from Ghana Thursday night.
     She did not waste any time getting out of town with a bunch of members of Congress and spending several hundred thousand dollars of taxpayers’ money on a political junket.
     Don’t know what is so important in Ghana.
     Yes, I know Trump spends a lot of taxpayer money going to Mar-a-Lago. I think that is exorbitant, too.
     By the way, if you have not voted yet today.
     Do it!