Mueller performance deliberate?

Comment & Observation
By Joe Lee III


     Just when you think you have heard it all.
     The Berkley city council has banned some specific words from the municipal code, according to the Associated Press.
     “Policeman” is now “police officer.” OK, not bad.
     “Craftsman” is now “artisan.” Don’t know about that. I know some craftsmen that are not “artisans.”
     Fraternity houses and sorority houses are now “collegiate Greek system residences.”
     “He” and “she” are taboo and must be replaced with specific titles like “the attorney,” or “the candidate.”
     “Manpower” is now “human effort” or “workforce.” (I thought “human effort” was what you used when you needed a laxative.)
     A “manhole” is now a “maintenance hole.” (I better not comment on “maintenance hole.”)
     I would be accused of all sorts of evil thoughts if I told you what term “Berkeley Councilperson” should be replaced with.
Ruskies outwit Google?
     A reader took issue with this column last week. The reader said the Russians were accused of manipulating Internet social media, not actually breaking into vote counting computers.
     The truth is, we don’t actually know what the Russians did. But we can say, with a high degree of confidence that Google, Facebook, and other Internet platforms lean heavily to the left and make sure their “logarithms” favor liberal causes, too.
     If the Russians – through social media or the reincarnation of Grigori Rasputin – outwitted powerful left-wing Google’s efforts to tamp down opposing views, then we really should be worried about power grids, nuclear plants and national security.
     Speaking of national security, did anything ever happen to Hillary Clinton for using a bathroom server to send official state department e-mails, and then “washing” the hard drive with acid?
     Hint: The answer is “No.”
Congressional hearings
     The Democrats intended to put on dramatic show last week when they forced Robert Mueller to testify. He had already told them he did not want to testify and that any testimony would actually stay “within the four corners” of his published report, but they wanted drama.
     The got drama – seven hours of boring drama.
     Mr. Mueller, who has served this country with expertise and valor, was not at the top of his game Wednesday.
     He stumbled, fumbled for words. The much-decorated Marine appeared to be very tired.
     He seemed to have a substantial lack of knowledge in connection with the report that bears his name.
     It appeared not to be good day for Mr. Mueller, although an acute observer I know said his responses — or lack of responses — were deliberate.
     At any rate, it was definitely not a good day for the Democrats.
Trump should take lead
     I am not much on committees, but this would be a good time for President Trump or Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to take the lead and appoint a sterling, bipartisan committee for the purpose making sure the next election is as pure as possible.
     Special attention needs to be paid to the Russians, the Chinese and the Iranians.
     Left leaning internet powerhouses like Google, You Tube and Facebook need some attention, too.