Town Hall needed to discuss bond


     The Grenada City Council is in the process of putting some $6 million in additional debt and taxes on the backs of the citizens of Grenada.
     The council wants to float a $6 million bond to go “to the improvement of streets, drainage, water, sewer and additional (unspecified) needs throughout each ward,” according to a city spokesperson.
     We think the taxpayers deserve more detail on exactly where their money is going.
     In fact, we think the taxpayers and voters of Grenada should have a voice in deciding where to spend their money.
     We hear that some of the money will go to repair streets and other infrastructure. Paying for street repairs out of bond money is not good business. The same streets will likely need more repairs before the bonded debt is retired.
     A well-run city puts maintenance money aside and does not have to depend on a bond issue to make routine repairs.
     (This bond issue has nothing to do with the multi-million sports complex planned north of town. It will require additional financing.)
     We call on Councilmen Johnson, Hargrove, Hughes, Wilson, Merriman, Cox, and Vance, along with Mayor Collins, to convene a town hall meeting for the purpose of getting citizen input on how this $6 million should be spent – if at all.