Absentee voting strong

By REGGIE ROSS                                                                                                                                                Staff Writer

Nearly 700 voters have requested ballots since absentee voting began last week, a number that could very well exceed the 1,000 mark by the time the Primary Election rolls around.

According to the Grenada County Circuit Clerk’s Office, 677 absentee ballots have been requested since the last week of June.

“It’s really at a steady pace,” Circuit Clerk Michele Redditt-Garcia said. “These are the absentee votes that were taken at the circuit clerk’s office or the ones that have been mailed out.”

As of Thursday morning, 611 Democratic ballots had been cast, and 66 had voted Republican, according to Redditt-Garcia. Absentee voters are filling out paper ballots, and Redditt-Garcia said voters will decide in which political party they will be voting, as some candidates will appear in different affiliations.

“After that decision, the voter will not be allowed to switch over. Those that vote a certain way in the primary will have to vote in that same party in the primary runoff,” Redditt-Garcia said.

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