Minor injury in snakebite

Staff Writer

Today marks the first day of summer, but snakes have been enjoying the warmer temperatures for weeks.
Citizens are being urged to take caution as snake sightings and encounters are becoming more frequent.
On Saturday in north Grenada County, a woman was bitten by a snake at her Carpenter Road home.
According to the Grenada County Sheriff’s Department’s Incident Report, the woman walked outside and felt a bite on her leg. The report states that the woman walked back inside her home and contacted authorities for medical attention.
The woman was treated for the snakebite but suffered only a minor abrasion. The report stated that deputies did not indicate what type of snake bit the woman.
Deputies said they have come across some big snakes throughout the county during their daily patrols.
“There’s some pretty big ones out there,” said Deputy Sonja Willis. “I was recently on the road, and I saw what I thought was a limb lying in the middle of the road. As I got closer, it was a pretty big rattlesnake.”