School district seeks more money

Staff Writer


For the first time in 10 years, the Grenada School District will ask the county for an increase in ad valorem taxes for next year’s budget.
According to Rodney Murphy, the school district’s business manager, the district will ask the Grenada County Board of Supervisors for a four percent increase for the 2019-2020 school term. The last percentage increase came in 2009, but Murphy said that a percentage increase won’t necessarily mean higher millage rates for the local taxpayer.
He said the school district makes its annual tax request in dollars, not mills.
“The county’s assessed valuation has consistently increased over the last 10 years, so if that trend continues, the effect on millage rates, if not negated, would be softened,” Murphy said. “With increasing assessed valuations, the operational millage rates for the school district have decreased by over two mills in the last five years. So, probably without most taxpayers realizing it, they have been paying school tax at lower rates over these years.”
On a $100,000 house, at 41.80 mills, a taxpayer would pay $418 on school taxes, according to the Grenada County Tax Assessor’s Office.
For the next fiscal year, the proposed budget has total projected revenue of $39,118,158, and of that amount, 20 percent or $7,838,138 is proposed to be financed through a total ad valorem tax levy.
Currently, the district is operating with a projected total budget revenue of $37,489,508 and of that amount 20.1 percent or $7,546,453 of revenue is obtained through ad valorem taxes.
Superintendent Dr. David Daigneault said that the district has managed to keep it’s debt at a minimum compared to other districts similar in size to Grenada. The debt millage which is as low as it has been in at least 25 years currently stands at less than one mill.

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