Lake could stay high for weeks

Staff Writer

For only the fifth time since it’s construction, Grenada Lake has overflowed into its Emergency Spillway, sending waters down the river channel.
After weeks of threatening flood level, the lake finally went into the Emergency Spillway Friday afternoon when it topped 231 feet around 3:30 p.m.
Lake officials said they will continue to monitor the situation.
At presstime, Grenada Lake was at 232.25, significantly more than where the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers tries to keep the lake at 215 feet above mean sea level during the summer.
“Right now we’re a foot and a quarter over the 231 mark, so I think we will be here for a while,” said Chris Terry, Natural Resource Manager at Grenada Lake.
The lake is currently 17.25 feet higher than the recreational level. For much of the Spring, the lake has been over 226 feet and required daily then hourly monitoring of the dam.
Terry said not only will the mandatory 24-hour monitor continue, but they will also keep a close watch on the emergency spillway. He said they will continue the monitoring until the lake drops below 226 feet.
“We’re definitely going to have to monitor it closely, because we don’t know just what’s underneath those waters,” Terry said.
Grenada Lake’s primary job is keeping water out of the Mississippi Delta. Under normal conditions, the lake’s flow into the Yalobusha is controlled by opening and closing three gates in the gate house.
When the lake surpasses 231 feet above sea level it flows over the top of the Emergency Spillway into the Old
Terry said he was unsure on the conditions of the Mississippi Delta due to the water released.ation of 278.20 feet, and the project’s spillway is at an elevation of 281.4 feet.

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