Device sending distress signal from lake area

Staff Writer

Local, state and federal officials are trying to determine the location of a device that is sending a distress signal in a highly-wooded area of Grenada and Yalobusha counties.
The distress signal is coming from an emergency locator transmitter, a device used by small aircraft to signal trouble with planes. Since Tuesday night, officials have been receiving beacon signals in the northeast part of the county at Grenada Lake near Gums Crossing.
“We don’t know what’s out there,” said Trebia Rodgers, EMA director. “We’re hoping that no one is out there injured or hurt.”
Tuesday night, officials in Grenada County were notified by the Air Force Rescue Coordination Center of a plane in distressed in the north portion of the county.
“MEMA contacted us at 7:20 that the AFRCC was receiving a distress signal about five miles from the Grenada Municipal Airport,” Rodgers said.
Rodgers said she contacted the Grenada Sheriff’s Department to give deputies a chance to search prior to the sun setting.
“It was getting dark pretty fast, and they were on the scene before night,” Rodgers said.