Lake will hit overflow level soon

Staff Writer

Grenada Lake is as close to it’s emergency spillway mark as it has been in a long time, and Thursday morning was less than two feet away from going over.
That has brought a question from many:  What happens if and when the lake level tops 231 feet?
When the lake surpasses 231 feet above sea level, it flows over the top of the Emergency Spillway into the Old River Run and down the Yalobusha River.
From there it reaches to the extreme western side of the county. That water eventually reaches the Yazoo River Basin, possibly flooding primarily Leflore, Tallahatchie and even Quitman counties.
Grenada Lake is Y-shaped and when filled to spillway crest, it extends up the Yalobusha River Valley a distance of 22 miles and up the Skuna River Valley a distance of 19 miles.
Grenada Lake has overflowed the emergency spillway four times since the dam was constructed. The first time was in 1973,  then 1980, 1983, and again in 1991 when more than six feet of water topped the concrete structure.