Dogs being poisoned

Staff Writer

Dogs are dropping dead in one subdivision in Northeast Grenada County near Grenada Lake.
Pets have succumbed to deadly poisonings reported to the Grenada County Sheriff’s Department in and near what is known as the Wright’s Grocery Community.
Grenada County Sheriff Alton Strider said his department has looked into the matter. One of the most recent of the incidents was reported Saturday night on Fawn Lake Drive.
The latest report was made by Fonda Little, who said his pet lab Fisher was poisoned and died as a result.
“We came home from church, and we noticed that he wasn’t acting right,” Little said. “Fisher always met us at the driveway, and on this particular occasion, he had trouble walking.”
Little said he suspected poisoning as Fisher began to have seizures and lose the ability to use his hind legs. Little called a local veterinarian.
Within hours, Fisher was dead.