Officials tally damage after 16 inches of rain

Staff Writer


Grenada is now dealing with the aftermath of one of the worst floods in recent history, and next up is rebuilding parts of the city and county.
In a span of three days, more than a foot and a half of rain fell on Grenada causing flooding of Grenada Lake, the Yalobusha River, the Batupan Bogue, Perry Creek and dozens of other streams throughout the area.
According to figures from the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency, 100 homes, 22 businesses and 30 roads were damaged by last week’s storms and flooding. Grenada suffered more flood damage than any other county in the state.
Trebia Rodgers, Grenada County Emergency Management Agency Director, said that since Tuesday, 16.23 inches of rain fell on the area, and now she and other agents with the MEMA are working to put the pieces together.
“We’re working fast to get our damage assessments done,” Rodgers said. “I’m getting help from a few other counties, along with MEMA, to speed the process up as fast as we can.”
Both the Grenada City Council and the Grenada Board of Supervisors signed proclamations declaring states of emergency for the area. Rodgers said the city council and the board of supervisors made the necessary call in doing so.
“We’re hoping for assistance, because we have several streets and roads that were severely damaged,” Rodgers said. “A lot of roads were washed out, and on Sunday, one of the city’s vehicles was damaged due to a large sink hole caused by flooding.”

Flowers Perry Park and nearby areas were flooded.
Photo by Kenith Sanders