Early work begins as Sports Complex

Staff Writer


Since the start of the year, the ball has been rolling on the soon-to-be-built sports complex just north of town.
Grenada City Manager Trey Baker recently gave an update to the Grenada Tourism Commission on the progress of the sports complex, which was approved by city voters last October.
“We’ve done the topography work and now all of the environmentals are being put into place,” Baker said. “Once those are in place, we want to submit them to the National Guard.”
Baker told the tourism commission that there’s an agreement with the National Guard to do the dirt work at the site, which he hopes to start later this year.
“This is a million dollars worth of dirt work and, hopefully, we can begin in the spring or the summer,” Baker said. “Everything is moving right along.”
According to Baker, the city has started to see sales tax returns from the new tourism tax that began on Dec. 1.
Citizens went to the polls on Oct. 2 and voted on the referendum that authorized Grenada to levy additional taxes on hotels-motels, restaurants, and bars.
The new tax resulted in a total of two percent tax on food and alcohol at restaurants inside the city, and a three percent total tax on motels.
The old law charged one percent on restaurants and two percent on city motels.

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