Patriots to play team New Orleans beat

Comment & Observation
By Joe Lee III

     I never thought it would happen.
     I never thought I could bring myself to do it.
     I’m going to root for the Patriots.
     After the shoddy level of officiating at New Orleans – giving the game to that other team – there is just no way to pull for the illegitimate “victor.”
     How could the officials ignore two such flagrant fouls – unquestioned pass interference and dangerous helmet-to-helmet contact – both on the same play.
     That team of officials is not qualified to referee a cat fight. Even Bisquette, my feline football fan hissed at that call.
     Those officials should never be allowed to step on a football field again, but that might be hard to enforce, because they obviously don’t know what a football field looks like.
Boondock Internet
     Rural Mississippians may soon get faster Internet connections. The legislature just voided part of a 1942 law that stopped rural electric companies from selling anything other than electricity.
     As soon as the governor signs the bill, power companies serving about half of the state will be eligible to sell high-speed internet.
     Wasn’t much need for an Internet connection in 1942, but today such a connection brings video (a.k.a. cable television), telephone service, the ability to work at home connected to a virtual office a thousand miles away, and who knows what will be available tomorrow?
Evil kernels
     Just when I thought things could not get any worse, a message came over the Internet stating that popcorn can encourage memory loss.
     It was on the Internet, so I know it’s true!
     No wonder I can’t ever remember how a movie ends.
     Maybe if I eat enough popcorn I can forget how bad those officials were in New Orleans. They must have eaten a ton of the stuff since they last read the rule book.
Lingerie at school
     Memphis is having trouble with folks showing up at school “in lingerie or clothing that sexually is suggestive,” according to a recent report in the Commercial Appeal. These aren’t  students – they are parents!
     Memphis area State Rep. Antonio Parkinson has had enough; “There are parents who are showing up at schools in the office with lingerie on … with cheeks hanging out …” he told the Memphis newspaper.
     We agree with Rep. Parkinson.
     Some of the same attire shows up at coffee shops and fast food places around here. Usually the folks wearing it would be look better with much more clothing – not less.