No pay for Congress will stop shutdowns

Comment & Observation
By Joe Lee III

     I don’t know about you, but I’ve got government fatigue
     I am getting worn out with all the back and forth in Washington. Temper tantrum – no temper tantrum. Government shutdown.
     How did we manage to elect such a collection of self-serving fools? The original concept was for the national legislature to be unpaid and meet only briefly during the year, as the delegates were expected to have real jobs back home to support themselves.
     If a government shutdown meant no pay for Congress, they would certainly settle things a lot quicker!
Cyber danger
     While U.S. politicians are paralyzed by the great wall debate, there is no telling how much progress the Chinese, North Koreans and Russians are making in the computer hacking arena.
     Don’t be shocked if one day we wake up and they have virtually taken over the internet.
TV void
     Television will never be the same.
     Judith Sheindlin, professionally known as Judge Judy, has announced that she will cease her 23-year-old Judge Judy television show.
     Say it ain’t so, Judge!
     Years ago, I asked a friend in New York to see if he could get the Boss of the House and me two tickets to watch Judge Judy being taped.
     He checked into it and wrote back that although the show was set in New York, it was actually taped in California! Further, since the tapings were sometimes long and tedious, Sheindlin actually hired the audience – which was usually made up of law school students.
     So the BOH and I never got to see a taping of the show.
 Ski king
     On a brighter note, Super Duper Grandson Beau recently mastered several double-black diamond ski trails on Ajax Mountain in Aspen. Even at the peak of my skiing “career,” back before my knees went on strike, it was all I could do just to get down Aspen Mountain safely.
     There are no green trails, just blues, blacks, black diamonds, and double-black diamonds. Needless to say on my total of two runs down the 11,000 foot hill, I hugged the blues with all my power. When I made it to the base, I was bluer than blue trail markers.
     Fortunately, only a short free bus ride west on Colorado Highway 82 is Buttermilk mountain, the smallest of the four Aspen mountains. Green trails galore, and lots of rest spots. It was more my speed.
No ski wax
     Years ago, the BOH and I tried one of the black trails on Buttermilk. It must be noted that a black trail on Buttermilk would be blue, or maybe even green on Ajax, but we were happy to attempt the conquest. About halfway down, the BOH fell and decided crawl face-up to the bottom of the mogul infested ski run.
     A chair lift cable ran across the lower end of the treacherous trajectory.
     A smart aleck riding up the hill yelled down, “You should have waxed your butt!”