Home grown, home produced, home delivered

Comment & Observation
By Joe Lee III

     Can you name this product?
     Most of the raw materials are produced within 50 miles of Grenada.
     The product is designed from scratch and put together in Grenada.
     It is delivered fresh to your home just a few hours after it is manufactured.
     You guessed it. This newspaper!
     Local and area tree farmers grow the trees. They are processed at the Resolute Forest Products plant north of town. The trees are then delivered to our location on Corporate Row in the form of newsprint rolls.
     Our staff gathers news, sports, and advertising. We put it all together, print it, label it, and take it to our local post office for delivery just for you.
     When you purchase this newspaper or an advertisement in this newspaper, virtually all of your money stays in Grenada to be spent again in our economy!
     We appreciate your business!
Color photos
     You may have noticed that this newspaper prints more photos than most other newspapers. That’s because our format calls for local faces to increase readership and enhance the power of local advertising on our pages.
     Unfortunately, due to press limitations we cannot print all the photos in color. It takes four colors to print a color picture – magenta (more or less red), cyan (greenish blue), yellow, and black. Our press, a 1972 Fairchild News King, can only print full-color on the “outside of the outside web.” That’s press language for the front page and the back page of any given section.
     That is why you’ll see some photos in color and some in black and white. Sometimes we get complaints: “Why was my photo not in color?” Actually some photo pages start out in color and then an advertiser buys a color ad on that page – and – the paid ad takes precedence for the available color on the press.
     We’d love to print all the photos in color, but we are proud to be able to print the black and white ones, too. Each page, be it color or black and white, costs us considerably to produce and to cover postal delivery expenses.
What’s in color?
     How do we decide what photos are in color?
     Some photos are inherently very colorful, due to the contents. A multi-color lighted Christmas tree, for example. We try to put such a photo on a color page.
     Some photos don’t have much contrasting color to begin with; the extra color processing does not significantly enhance them.
     Some photos, particularly, cell phone photos taken from a distance, do not have enough pixel information to reproduce in color. This can be true even with an expensive camera if the subject is not close enough to the lens.
     Sometimes color has to be dropped for mechanical or deadline reasons. We have to be in the post office in time to get the product to your mailbox.
     Whether we are in color or black and white, we strive to give you the most up to date, most accurate, most interesting news and photos possible.
     We hope you find our labors of value.
     We enjoy serving our community and we wish all a Happy and Prosperous 2019!