Merry Christmas from the Lee Family

Comment & Observation
By Joe Lee III

     Christmas is always “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year,” to borrow a phrase from a popular Christmas carol.
     Of course, the celebration of the Savior is the True Wonder, but in addition to that, people just seem nicer.
     Maybe it’s the bright decorations. Maybe it’s the smell of Christmas trees. Maybe it’s the joy of the children.
     Maybe, just maybe, it really is the Christ Child being allowed to live in our spirits for a week or two.
     Fifty-two weeks of nice would be even nicer, if we’d let Him in our lives full-time.
American Flyer
     The first Christmas I really remember was actually number seven.
     Don’t know what happened to the first six, but I do remember watching my brand new AC Gilbert American Flyer locomotive chug around the Christmas tree when I was in the second grade. I still have it. The AC Gilbert company with its great Erector sets and other toys is long gone, but my sturdy locomotive is still around.
     A boy could build just about anything with an Erector set.
     I’m talking real miniature Ferris wheels, “operating” oil wells, all kinds of things. None of this virtual poop kids nowadays think they create on an iPad. These “inventions” were real metal; run by real gears and real motors.
Turn on your lights
     There are certainly too many laws and government regulations already, and it is hard to suggest one more, but there is a practice that we need in Mississippi.
     There needs to be a law requiring headlights to be on whenever windshield wipers are on. Our neighbors Alabama, Louisiana, and Arkansas are among the 18 states currently with such a law.
     Maybe an even better law would simply require running lights to be on whenever the vehicle is moving. With all the new safety gadgets coming out on new cars, it would seem to be really simple to install factory running lights on all models. (The manufacturers should be happy to do what they do to all the other gadgets; install a $2 relay and add $200 to the sticker price.)
     Why do we need lights? Mississippi is seventh most dangerous deadly state for driving in the rain. Last year our state had 46 rain-related fatalities according to USA Today. North Carolina had the most with 112.
     Of course, lighting the vehicles won’t eliminate all the deaths, but it could help save one or two.
Merry Christmas
     The Boss of the House, Daughter Muffet, Super Duper Grandson Beau and Son Jay – along with sophisticated felines Bisquette, LuLu, Pumpkin, and Holly — all wish your and yours a very Merry Christmas and a Super Duper New Year!