Mayor & Council ignore state notices

Comment & Observation
By Joe Lee III


     If you plan to build a house or move a mobile home to the area served by the Gore Springs Water system, you have a problem.
     The system was acquired by the City of Grenada in 2003.
     Last month the Mississippi Health Department issued a moratorium forbidding the addition of any new customers to the system.
     According to the Director of Health Protection at the Mississippi State Department of Health, the city has been sent notices each year since 2006 emphasizing “the system should take steps to increase its design capacity.”
     Twelve years of notices from the state. Apparently the Grenada Mayor/Council had other priories.
     In 2003 the system had 515 water connections. Now it has 708.
Gas prices
     Gasoline was $1.939 in Senatobia last week.
Gun control
     According to Rasmussen Reports, a well-respected national polling company, 46% of voters favor a social media and internet check before issuing a gun license; 39% are opposed.
     The party line breakdown for the social media check is 39% of Republicans polled are for it, and 56% of the Democrats favor the idea. (New York is currently considering a licensing law using social media checks.)
Facebook privacy
     Facebook is in hot water again over possible plans to sell user information, according to e-mails released by British lawmakers, who are investigating the company.
     You Facebook users need to be really careful what you post. It can come back to bite you.
     By the way, federal law protects Facebook from being sued, but you can get sued for what you post on Facebook. Even if you win, legal fees can cost you $25,000 or more.
     A good rule of thumb is “Never post put anything on the internet you would not want the preacher to read from the pulpit on Sunday morning.”
     Of course, that does not keep you from getting unsolicited e-mails from a cruise line just because you posted a note saying you wanted to take an ocean voyage.
     George Orwell’s 1984, is getting more true by the minute. In China, all citizens are graded for their loyalty to the government. A bad grade will get you a stay in a “re-education program.”
Bush will be missed
     President George Herbert Walker Bush was a fine man and very good president.
     He will be missed.
     One thing always confused me; when he was running for president, the Democrats labeled him a “wimp.” He was a fighter pilot in World War II — not a very “wimpy” task.
More state candidates
     According to a new ruling by Mississippi Attorney Gen. Jim Hood, state retirees can now serve in the Mississippi legislature without forfeiting their state retirement.
     The AG’s ruling will open the political possibility door for some 321,494 PERS (Public Employees’ Retirement System) recipients.
Casino law
     Earlier this year Louisiana passed a law forbidding casinos from blackballing “skilled” gamblers, including card counters.
     Mississippi needs to pass the same law. It is blatantly unfair for a casino to encourage and take advantage of “dumb” gamblers, and kick out the honest but skilled gamblers. It should be illegal in Mississippi, too.