President controls press passes

Comment & Observation
By Joe Lee III

     Few are more in favor of the First Amendment and Freedom of the Press than this column, but the White House has every right to pick and choose those who receive White House press passes.
     Recently, after a CNN reporter refused to relinquish the microphone to another reporter during a Presidential press conference, the White House revoked the rude reporter’s press pass.
     We do not necessarily agree with the president’s action, but any president has every right to suspend a reporter’s pass. It has nothing to do with “Freedom of the Press,” CNN is still free to broadcast whatever it wants to, the network filed suit against the White House.
     We agree with veteran Washington reporter Bob Woodward, who attacked CNN, arguing too many media figures “have become emotionally unhinged.”
     Woodward added, while speaking to a conference in Florida, “the remedy isn’t suing the administration….it’s more serious reporting about what he’s doing.”
     Yes, the answer is more serious and more unbiased reporting about what both Republicans and Democrats are doing to us Washington and elsewhere.
Who is paying?
     I still want to know who is paid for all the food, transportation, sanitation facilities for the “marchers” coming up through Mexico.
     They claim to be seeking asylum, yet they proudly displaying their country’s flag. I don’t get it.
     You’d think, if they sincerely want asylum in the United States, they would want to fly an American flag.
Good movie
     If you want to go to a really good guy flick, check out Hunter Killer.
     The Super Duper Grandson and I saw it recently.
     He said his hands stayed sweaty the whole time. He was right, it’s quite a thriller. The action never stops.
     I’m not going to tell much about the plot except that it could be named the sequel to The Hunt for Red October. The suspense doesn’t stop until the final credits roll down the screen.
     Great movie.
Chancellor resigns
     The Ole Miss chancellor resigned earlier this month.