Christmas parade is tomorrow

Staff Writer

The tables are set for the annual Christmas Parade tomorrow and the excitement is brewing as for the second year in a row the event will be held on Saturday.
The celebration kicks off tomorrow at 1 p.m. in Downtown Grenada and nearly 70 floats and parade entries have been submitted.
The parade line up will begin at 12:00 at Fairfield Avenue near the Elizabeth Jones Library.  Judging is set for 12:30 and the parade will begin at 1:00.  From Fairfield Avenue the processional will continue north and around the Square ending at the Adult Education Center.
With the parade being held on a Saturday again, officials with the Grenada Area Chamber of Commerce feel spectators and those involved with the parade are going to see something special.
“When we did it in the middle of the afternoon on a weekday it didn’t give everyone the opportunity to attend,” said Chamber Committee member Wanda Thompson. “Last year was a huge success and we want that to continue.”
The Christmas Parade Committee named Grenada Mayor Billy Collins as this year’s Grand Marshal of Christmas Parade.
Collins was first elected on the Grenada City Council in 1980 and was elected mayor in 2006.
Thompson said for years Collins has been an advocate for Greanda.  She said his efforts over the years in promoting a  cleaner Grenada and welcoming new businesses is something that can’t be measured.
“He represents the city so well and is one of the great promoters for Grenada,” Thompson said.

What to expect

Chances for rain tomorrow are dropping, once at 70 percent earlier this week to only 20 percent by Friday.  Thompson said with the temperatures in the high 60’s this year’s parade has the making to become as successful as last year.
The parade will consist of 66 entries and of those 14 will be floats. Thompson said there is a possibility of more floats being added.  Area churches, beauty pageant winners, first responders, area high school marching bands, including the Grenada High School Marching Band which is in the middle of their 2018 season will participate.
“It’s going to be a loud celebration,” Thompson said.
In the case of a heavy downpour of rain, of course there’s a plan B.  If severe weather occurs the parade will be moved to the following Tuesday at a 3:30 start.  Thompson said she is praying that won’t be the case.
“Beautiful weather is what we’re going to get, I can just feel it,” Thompson said.

 Meet Santa at the Gazebo

Following the parade, the Young Professionals, a Chamber of Commerce-based committee, will hold their Cupcakes with Santa on the Square at the Gazebo.
According to Thompson, the event is expected to get children and others in the Christmas spirit following the parade celebration.
“This is a free event for the children, and we will have Santa there as well,” Thompson said.
Instead of cookies, Thompson said cupcakes and chocolate milk will be served.
“The weather will be warm, so instead of hot chocolate the Young Professionals will serve chocolate milk,” Thompson said. “The cupcakes were donated from Grocery Basket.”