Election scheduled for Tuesday

Staff Writer

Tomorrow is the last day to vote absentee for Tuesday’s runoff election.
First things first, Grenada County Circuit Clerk Michele Redditt- Garcia said the last day for absentee voting is Saturday at the Grenada County Courthouse from 8 a.m. until noon.
The circuit clerk’s office saw more than a 1,000 absentee votes casts for the general election – tripling the 2014 mid-term count for Grenada County.

District Four School Board

The runoff will determine whether the next district four school board representative will be incumbent Marjorie Hughes or  challenger Thelma Hubbard.
In the school board race field of three, Hughes carried Grenada County but did not get the needed 50 percent of the vote.
Only county voters at Taylor Hall and Friendship Baptist Church at Geeslin Corner will cast their ballots in the district four school board race. District Four currently has 3,401 registered voters.