Re-Elect Hughes to School Board


     The Grenada School District is one of the strongest in Mississippi.
     It has been designated as one of only five “Districts of Innovation” in the state by the Mississippi Department of Education.
     One of the programs earning this coveted designation is the Grenada School District’s Pre-Kindergarten Collaborative project. The Grenada pre-kindergarten program is the only public school program in the state for both three and four year olds.
     The Pre-K blueprint is further enhanced by the close collaboration with the Grenada Head Start program. This partnership magnifies the teaching power of both the school system and Head Start. It is the Number One Pre-K collaborative program in the state, scoring 72 points above the state average.
     Older students benefit from the Grenada School District’s STEM program. The STEM initiative concentrates on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. STEM concentration starts as early as kindergarten with intense problem solving exercises. It continues in the higher grades with state-of-the-art courses in computer skills, engineering projects, robotics competition, and biomedical programs.
     This broad curriculum not only benefits college-bound students, but also strengthens skills of students preferring to join Grenada’s strong industrial job offerings.
     Of course, these projects and the school’s advanced achievements did not just happen. They are the result of a strong administration, dedicated teachers, and a school board with its eyes on the future success of Grenada students.
     School Board President Marjorie Hughes has played a major role in Grenada’s educational advances. She has been involved with school leadership for some three decades. Her husband James was a school board stalwart for 23 years until his death. She was appointed to fill his unexpired term and subsequently elected to the District Four position, which she has held for six years.
     “Marjorie’s passion is helping children to receive an excellent education. We work well together. She is always enthusiastic and professional, and has shown great leadership skills as current president of the school board,” according to fellow school board member Arlene Conley.
     According to school board member Kevin Carnathan, “Ms. Hughes is great to work with and is sincerely dedicated to the continuing improvement of the district’s educational opportunities for students and the continuing progress of the school district.”
     On Tuesday, Nov. 27, Beat Four voters will vote for their representative on the Grenada School Board.
     We urge you to vote to continue the Grenada School District’s excellent progress by voting for Marjorie Hughes.