Dunkin and Ronald move cups to forest

Comment & Observation
By Joe Lee III

     Three cheers for Dunkin (formerly Dunkin Donuts) and McDonalds for pledging to use paper cups from sustainable forests! That’s one thing we have plenty of in Mississippi – sustainable forests!
     I remember years ago when there was some concern about building a paper mill in north Mississippi. At that time about a half-dozen big timber operations were running at top speed.
     The question was, at that high consumption rate – plus a paper mill running 24-hours a day – when would we run out?
     The answer?
     Never. We can plant and regrow faster than our consumption. I tried to explain that to a California tree-hugger one day. I was not successful. (But then she was from California – those folks have trouble understanding the real world.)
     It is true, paper cups may need some more development to make sure all of the glue and the full process is completely biodegradable, but with the research expertise at Mississippi State University, that should be no big problem.
Facebook, Amazon losers
     One day last week Amazon lost $127 billion of it’s imaginary market value. How can this possibly be a surprise to anyone?
     The tech market, led by Facebook, Apple, Alphabet (Google) and Amazon lost a total value of $824 billion that day.
     Everyone knew there was – and still is – a bubble. That inflated price, coupled with rising interest rates, has no choice but to go down.
Graduate disappoints
     A week or two ago we went to Oxford to celebrate an anniversary and a birthday.
     Our friends Jane and Herb Parks celebrated their 11th wedding anniversary, and the Boss of the House, like Jack Benny, celebrated her 39th birthday again.
     We had a great time.
     We stayed at the Graduate Hotel. It is not exactly what I expected. The lobby is nice and airy – the pink floor is a little unusual, but not bad.
     The room was somewhat of a surprise. The furniture looks like it might have once been on “Storage Wars” – the television show on which they auction off contents of abandoned storage units. I have been told such décor is “very stylish” and it is called “Mid-Century Modern.” I did not care for it in the 1950s, and don’t care for it now.
     I sat in a chair and looked up. The ceiling was not finished. It was the bare concrete of the floor above. We speculated as to whether there had been a plumbing problem on the floor above and the repairs had not been completed. I kept expecting sheet rock installers to knock on the door and tell us they had a work order for the room.
     Our bathroom was ill designed. The faucet did not extend far enough over the counter top. Each time we washed our hands, we drenched the vanity. The clean towels were stored in a wire basket on the bathroom floor. If there were to be shower curtain mishap leaving a puddle on the floor – ooops!
     Oh yes, bring your own bar of soap. You’ll need it.
Great ambiance
     For dinner we went to the Snack Bar. The name is misleading, as the elegant décor is on a par with McCormick and Schmick’s in Washington, D.C. (and other locations) and The Capital Grille in Memphis (and other locations).
     The Snack Bar’s food was OK, if a little pricey.
     For lunch, the Chicken Salad Chick is hard to beat.
     Southern Table Bar & Grill, behind Waller Funeral Home, has a very good weekday lunch menu. Their Sunday brunch menu is not bad, but is more limited. The evening menu looks good, but we have not eaten there at night yet.
     There is always a good meal a Kabuki’s hibachi grill. It is particularly recommended when youngsters are involved.
     Of course, nothing in Oxford is recommended on a football weekend. Stay away.