EU could help timber market

Comment & Observation
By Joe Lee III

     The European Union Parliament has made a move that, if it catches on, will not only help save the oceans, but can potentially be a boost to Mississippi’s timber industry.
     The EU governing body recently voted 571-53 in favor of banning plastic plates, cutlery, and straws.
     Remember paper straws? They were just as good and plastic and were biodegradable.
Paper plates can be made just as serviceable as the plastic counterparts, and they, too, can be made completely biodegradable.
Don’t know about the cutlery, but paper plates and straws are certainly a step in the right direction.
     Some high-end restaurants have already converted to specially designed paper “doggy bags.”
     The EU is the world’s second largest consumer. If the United States – the world’s largest consumer – converts from plastic to paper, it will have a strong effect on the timber and paper industry.
     Such a move will also start to relieve the five trillion pieces of plastic already strangling the ocean, and the eight million tons added each year.
     New York City is considering a plastic ban. Seattle and parts of California are making moves, too.
Who is helping the marchers?
     It is hard to believe thousands of people can march from the southern tip of Mexico to the northern border without some pretty strong financial sponsorship.
Mexico has very strict immigration laws, but enforcement seems to dissolve once travelers say they just want to pass through, not stay.
Election burnout
     I’ll be glad when this election gets behind us. There is nothing on television except, “This state is going red … This state is going blue…”
Heck, those Washington beltway commentators don’t know any more about it than I do. Sometimes Bisquette the Cat makes more sense.
What is really unbelievable is when the experts condescendingly declare they “just can’t understand” how Trump could be so popular in the heartland – in the part of the country they can’t wait to fly over when going from one privileged coast to the other privileged coast.
     If they’ll give me 20 minutes and just listen, I can tell them exactly what is going on and why. It’s not that I am so intelligent – most anyone not poisoned by East Coast and West Coast self-superiority knows the story.
     I’m not taking up for Trump. He is perfectly capable of taking up for himself. I am just saying any one with half a brain should have seen that Middle America has felt dumped on for decades.
     Whether you like him or not — right or wrong — President Trump has given those taxpayers who feel left out, an avenue of expression at the ballot box.
Bragging grandfather
     Saving the best news for last, Super Duper Grandson Beau made straight A’s on his report card!