What’s next for Grenada?

Staff Writer

Within the next 30 days, Grenada will see a change in the tourism tax, and plans will be underway for a new sports complex.
After Tuesday’s election in which citizens overwhelmingly voted for a one percent tourism tax increase for the new complex, officials will go over the details at the next city council meeting Monday at 6 p.m.
After 1,692 voted for the tax and 296 voted against it, Grenada is now set to become the next city to build and operate a multi-purpose sports complex.
According to Grenada City Manager Trey Baker, the tax will go into affect in the next 30 days, following a few standard procedures.
“We will do a resolution at Monday’s city council meeting and provide information to the state legislators from the election commission to show that the results are accurate,” Baker said.
With the referendum passing, it authorizes Grenada to levy additional taxes on hotels-motels, restaurants and bars, and extend the repealer on the tourism tax.
The new tax will result in a total of two percent tax on food and alcohol at restaurants inside the city, and a three percent total tax on motels.
The old law charged one percent on restaurants and two percent on city motels.
Baker called Tuesdays election a resounding mandate for progress.
“The citizens of Grenada showed their true character and showed at the polls that they want to see progress,” Baker said.
Budgeted at $45,000, Baker called Tuesday’s election “first class.”
“For what we did to get 85 percent of the vote, cities like Meridian spent $60,000 and Vicksburg spent around $100,000 to get 60 percent of the vote,” Baker said.

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